Google Ads Preview Tool

Google Ads Preview Tool

Do you repeatedly enter your keyword on search engines to verify if your search ad is live and looking good? Or, are you tired of using a top searched keyword but still no sign of your ad on SERP (Search Engine Results Page)? The good news here is that we have got a tool to help you say goodbye to all your search ads woes. No more worrying about low traffic, irrelevant clicks, or impressions to your ads! Just preview your ad with this handy tool - Google Ads Preview Tool and you are all set!

So, if you are also one of them who are not sure if their selected keywords are triggering their ads, this blog is for you. Moving ahead, you will learn about what Google Ads Preview Tool is and why integrating this tool into your ad campaign might be the best decision for your business.

What is Google Ads Preview Tool

Google Ads Preview Tool brings a fantastic arrangement to help users preview their campaign’s ads so that they can have an idea of how different search networks will display the ad. Being one of the important components of Search Engine Marketing, this tool help advertisers improve their site ranking and website traffic.

To put it in simple words, Google Ads Preview Tool reflects a preview of Google SERP for the specific keyword you have searched for. Advertisers can even see which other extensions and ads are appearing against their keywords. As soon as you enter a keyword and relevant criteria such as location, language, and device, Google Ads Preview Tool will automatically let you know whether that ad will appear on the search engine or not.

Google Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool

How the Google Ads Preview Tool Works

Google Ads Preview Tool provides you with an unbiased preview of what your search ads will look like. Once you feed in your search term, location, device, and language, Google will present a live view of what the ad’s search result would be, based on the keyword and your ad spending. However, this search is not counted as an actual search and won’t affect your campaign’s spendings.

With the live preview of your ad, you can investigate the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and the areas for improvement. If your ads are not visible for selected keywords, maybe you simply need to adjust your bids.

The Importance of Google Ads Preview Tool

Google Ads Preview Tool is not just a sneak-peak of your search ads, but more than that. It helps your ad campaign in several ways. Let’s have a look.

Device-Based Result

With mobile technology evolving, it is understood why marketers are optimizing their marketing strategies for mobile devices. The tool boasts the ability to tailor search results based on the device type, making it a must-have tool if you want to optimize your search ads for multiple devices.

With this tool, advertisers can search from different locations to put themselves in their customers’ shoes. This allows advertisers to research quality keywords based on how people find their business and what they search for. Hence, your ad will be shown to people who are genuinely interested in your product.

Keep an Eye on your Competitors

Whatever you see on the search results page lets you evaluate your competitors and most-searched keywords. With the list of search ads and where your ad is appearing, you can check if there is a competitor ahead of you. If your ad isn’t appearing, you can track the reason behind the same with this tool. Some of the reasons could be low ad rank or the existence of other keywords offering a better match.

The Bottom Line

Google Ads Preview Tool is an excellent choice to ensure that your keywords are getting triggered for desirable search results, along with many other benefits. Since searching your ad too often on Google can negatively impact your ad’s quality score, it’s crucial to integrate Google Ads Preview Tool into your ad campaign to get the most out of your campaign set up. Although there are numerous benefits of this tool, you can still improve its results based on your preferences and taste. So, don’t forget this tool while launching your next ad campaign.

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